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About Cohesive Healthcare

Cohesive Healthcare provides management and consulting services for rural and community hospitals. We understand the value a thriving hospital brings to the community and we work to rebuild a foundation for success.

Building Partnerships Through
Expertise and Transparency

Cohesive Healthcare is unique in that we employ individuals with expertise in all areas of hospital and clinic management. Expertise most hospitals could not afford on their own. From cost report analysis to patient quality to revenue cycle management to actual hands on care, Cohesive employs and associates with only the best. 

Our hospital clients know us for our collaboration, transparency, and expertise. When a hospital board must make a difficult decision, whether it be human resources, budget, or medical staff related, Cohesive provides comprehensive analysis and direction.

Helping Rural Hospitals Thrive

Rural hospitals are often the largest economic driver in the communities they serve as well as the cornerstone of community pride, health and safety.

Cohesive has a unique track record in that we have been appointed and work closely with federal and state court systems to rescue and revitalize failing hospitals. A situation in which every decision had to be accounted for. 

There is no other management company that has the same track record and the same demonstrated transparency.

Our Focus


Different Approach

"We've had the privilege of working with Cohesive Healthcare for the last few years. Having been managed by other companies, we recognize the different approach Cohesive takes and appreciate the personal attention, honesty, and integrity that comes with our partnership."
- Jason McBride, Asst. Administrator, Pawhuska Hospital, Inc.

Shared Values

"It's great to partner with a company that shares the same values that we do when it comes to ensuring the success of our hospital, providing quality care to our patients, and positively impacting the health of our community."
- Janell Goodno, Chief Finance Officer, Kiowa District Healthcare

Continued Support

"Our hospital would not be open today if Cohesive had not come in and invested resources and financial support to us and our community. We are grateful for their continued support and the impact they've made on the patient care we're able to provide."
- Tom Hinton, Chief Executive Officer, Carnegie Tri-County Municipal Hospital

Contact Us!

If you would like to learn more about how Cohesive Healthcare can help your rural hospital, please reach out to us. We would love to help you change the healthcare in your community.