Our History

Godwin and Shemika Feh, as nurses working in small hospitals, realized there was a need for management and consulting support in rural healthcare. Their vision of founding a company that could provide this crucial support became a reality in 2016 when they established Cohesive Healthcare Management and Consulting. A company that started with 10 employees, has now grown to over 850 employees supporting rural hospitals and healthcare through various management and consulting services.

Cohesive’s management journey began in Oklahoma and Kansas with two Critical Access Hospitals (CAH), however, the company quickly grew to ten facilities. In 2018, Cohesive was recognized as being a leader in CAH management and was court-appointed five hospitals in a multi-state area within sixty days. The hospitals were all in the process of bankruptcy and in jeopardy of closing their doors. Through efficient processes and Cohesive’s hands-on management approach, these CAH’s were successfully led through bankruptcy and continue to thrive today.

As Cohesive grew their management responsibilities, it became apparent that there was a continued need for support services such as home health, medical transport, and a staffing resources company. Today, Cohesive attributes its continued success to excellent patient care, the dedication to the employees and commitment of the communities we serve.

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The Pillars

Excellent patient care

Excellent client services

Preserving rural healthcare

Preserving rural healthcare jobs

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